Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Tree Climbing Spikes

If you’re a person who enjoys exploring nature, then you might’ve considered tree climbing.

Almost anyone can climb a tree, but what if we make this more interesting?

Large trees are harder to climb with just your hands and toes. You’d need special gear to reach higher elevations, and it might be hard to find a foothold.

Lucky for you, we’re here to suggest the best tree climbing spikes to aid you on your upward journey!
Our Top 5 Tree Climbing Spikes
Many products are available out there to help you climb trees, spikes being the most important. To make up your mind about what spikes to get, you might want to check out the following list.
Klein Tree Climbers
On your road to the treetops, you might want to let this nice pair of climbers help you out.

The Klein Tree Climbers are made of high-quality, cushioned leather to provide you comfort while you climb. Also, the leather straps are adjustable to your desired size.

Another thing to note is that the straps are durable, promising a long-lasting life.

What made many customers delighted about this product is how easy it was to use. Also, they admired the way that all the parts of the climbers were connected.

In addition to that, the spikes themselves are made of high-end steel. That should ensure you have steady feet as you climb.
What We Like
Sturdy leather straps
Sharp spikes
Easy to use
Adjustable to use with comfort
What We Don’t Like
Relatively pricey
Might be a little hard to pull out when climbing

Notch Gecko Climbers
The second on our list is the Notch Gecko climbers that caught our attention immediately. We’ll tell you why we admired them.

The steel leg construction comes with a rustproof finish. This helps extend the longevity of the climbers.

Also, you’ll probably like the padded cuffs. They help secure your legs and provide comfort against the steel construction. In addition to that, the upper calf straps should give you stability as you climb.

To make you more confident, these spikes were tested on trees. They were put under many conditions to come up with the best design and performance.
What We Like
Rustproof steel finish
padded cuffs
Easy to use and fit comfortably
Stable and secure
Hand washable
Supports weight up to 350 lbs
Moderately priced
What We Don’t Like
Might make enough noise to scare away game if used for hunting

Buckingham Climbers
The first thing you’ll notice about this product is the sturdy-looking design. The straps, pads, and spikes fit perfectly together.

Our next favorite thing about these climbing spikes is that they’re made of high-quality steel and leather. Also, the padding should help lower the pressure on your shins while you climb.

Also, these climbers should keep you steady and give you a stable position on the side of the tree. As many reviewers stated, the sureness that these spikes provided was unmatched.
What We Like
Fine design and materials
Comfortable to use
Solid and firm
Large pads
Supports the weight of 350 lbs
Comes with a gear bag
What We Don’t Like
On the expensive end
Doesn’t come with an instructions manual

Evoke Gear Climbing Spikes
If you’re on a tight budget, you might want to consider this product. These high-strength aluminum spikes should hold you steady while climbing, and wouldn’t have to worry about spending too much money.

Another plus to this product is the durable straps and comfortable cuffs. No more discomfort as you make your way to the top!

Also, the height is adjustable to match the size of your legs.
What We Like
Strong aluminum spikes
Comfortable and easy to use
Good value for money
Adjustable height and connections
What We Don’t Like
Straps and cuffs aren’t as durable as other options on the list.

Gecko Tree Climbers
This is another one of our favorite climbers by Gecko. Besides being lightweight, these climbing spikes are made of fine aluminum that should grant you stability. Also, you could adjust padded shin cuffs to suit you better.

In addition to that, the steel gaffs can be replaced. You can order replacement cuffs and pads, too.
What We Like
Lightweight spikes
Adjustable shin cuffs
Replaceable parts
What We Don’t Like
Straps and cuffs might need to be replaced after a while of use
Might be a pricey choice
How to Climb a Tree Using Climbing Spikes
Now that we know the right equipment that we need, it’s time to find out how we can use them to climb a tree.
Before climbing, make sure there are no defects in the tree (rotting areas or crevices could make your climb dangerous)
Strap the harness to your body
Throw one end of the flipline around the tree and catch it with the other hand
Connect the flipline to your harness
Lean back with the help of the flipline
Stab the spikes in the right places on the tree trunk
Step onto the climbing spikes
Make sure your knees are 6-8 away from the trunk
Start ascending by positioning the flipline higher around the tree
Climb to the same height as the flipline with the help of your spikes

Pro tip: if you face branches, you could cut them off so they won’t interfere with your flipline.

Also, as the tree starts to get smaller in diameter, you should be able to adjust the size of the flipline using the adjuster.
Other Climbing Equipment
As we previously mentioned, the climbing spikes do most of the work to help you climb trees. But they can’t do their job alone.

The following list should contain all the equipment required besides the climbing spikes.
Climbing Harness
The main job of a harness is to keep you steady and properly connected to the flipline. You wear a harness around your legs and hips.
A flipline is the piece that goes around the tree as you climb. It connects to your harness on your left and right and helps you position yourself against the tree.

When you start going up, all you have to do is flip this piece up against the tree’s side so it can be the same height as you are.
Flipline Adjuster
This piece helps you control the size of the flipline that goes around the tree.
Can climbing spikes damage trees?
Climbing spikes won’t damage trees severely, yet they can leave marks and crevices that might make the trunk vulnerable.

However, these marks will heal with time.
What’s so great about tree climbing?
Tree climbing is great for many reasons.

It’s an awesome hobby if you’re into adventures and trying new things. Also, it can be an unusual way to work out outside of the gym.

In addition to that, tree climbing is used when cutting damaged or dead trees.
Wrap Up
It might be tricky to choose the best tree climbing spikes. There are many great choices to admire, but we’d be happy to share our favorites from the list.

We couldn’t help but fall in love with Notch Gecko Climbers. Not only are these spikes durable, efficient, and lightweight, but they’re also available at a decent price.

If you don’t mind spending a bit more, you can try these Buckingham Climbers. The high-quality material of this boot makes it an excellent choice.