The Essential Tree Climbing Gear & Equipment You Need

If you’re just getting started with climbing trees, then you might not know exactly what it is you need to get started. Whilst you don’t need a whole lot of stuff to go tree climbing, it does pay to make sure that you’re properly prepared.

It’s important that you have the right gear with you when you’re climbing trees. This is true whether you’re an arborist, or you’re just looking for something to do for fun. Let’s look deeper at what the best tree climbing gear is.

Tree Climbing Gear

So, when you’re climbing trees, what are the most important pieces of equipment that you’re going to need? Well, here’s what we think are the key gear to have a good tree climbing experience.

Climbing Harness

Anyone who’s going to go tree climbing’s first purchase is often climbing harness. This is a necessity, and gives us the ability to climb trees with some additional support that’s needed for our safe.

The right harness is going to be one of your priorities. You can’t just use any old harness for climbing to climb trees, as often they’re made especially for the job. So, make sure that you add a climbing harness to your list of things to buy.

Tree Climbing Spikes

There are tons of different spikes and climbing spurs out there to choose from. Spikes are a necessity for taller trees, although we don’t advise you use them on trees that aren’t going to be chopped down.

It’s kind of an unwritten rule with arborists not to use spikes on living trees that you aren’t going to take down. This is because they leave cuts in the side of the tree, which can damage it permanently and leave it open to infection.

However for arborists, good tree climbing spikes can be the best way to get to the top of taller trees. So, they remain a necessary part of your tree climbing equipment.


Another one of the most important things that you need for climbing trees is some good climbing rope. It’s very important that you get the right rope, and not use any climbing rope that you have lying around.

Arborist rope specifically is better for climbing trees because it is static, and has less stretch in it. Rock climbing and abseiling rope will have more stretch and be more dynamic, which is suited to that style of climbing. But for climbing trees, a good static arborist rope is essential.


Although you might not think it, the right pair of boots is going to help you when you’re out climbing. A good set of boots should be durable, waterproof and breathable enough that you can use them for the entire day. Of course, tehy should also be comfortable enough for you to wear them for extended preiods of time without having any issues.

If you’re looking for a pair of climbing boots, then check out my guide. The right pair of boots, with good grip, can make all the difference when you’re out climbing.


A flipline, or a lanyard, is essentially just a wire core covered with a textile rope that’s used to move up larger trees. They may or may have a splice at the ends. They’re called fliplines because you can literally clip them up the trunk of the tree very quickly. Fliplines are a great way to move up a tree quickly and without much effort.

You will also need a flipline adjuster if this doesn’t come as part of the package (make sure that you check this before you buy!).


A carabiner is another essential part of any tree climbers equipment, and it’s a necessity for arborists. A carabiner is essentially a lock, or a clip, that’s used to enhance your safety when you’re climbing trees. It locks your rope into place, and although you might think you can get away with a cheap one, it’s best to invest in a good quality one to protect yourself.


These are the basics that you’ll need if you’re looking for tree climbing gear. Of course, we can talk about an array of other stuff you might need depending on what you’re doing. But, these are definitely the essentials.

Climbing trees isn’t easy, and making sure that you’ve got the right equipment is essential to your success. So, hopefully this guide to the best tree climbing gear has helped you know exactly what it is that you need.

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