The 5 Best Boots for Climbing Trees

If you’re a tree-climbing enthusiast, then the quality of your boots is an important matter.

Climbing trees is fun, but it can also be dangerous. Unless you buy safe and comfortable boots for climbing trees, you won’t enjoy your experience as much.

Thankfully, the best boots for climbing trees do exist. We’re here to help you find the right one.

Let’s dive in!
The 5 Best Boots for Climbing Trees
A lot of brands are out there on the market. Here are our top 5 picks.

Salomon X Ultra GORE-TEX Men’s Wide Hiking Boots
These boots combine the comfort of running shoes with the strength of climbing boots. That provides you with an ultra boot that can be used for all purposes. They’re comfortable for running and firm for tree-climbing as well.

You can trust that these boots are your best companion in the wilderness. They’re 100% synthetic. That results in maximum strength and comfort. They’re made of synthetic materials, which means they’re waterproof.

They’re also designed for maximum traction, so they’re safe to wear while climbing trees and rocky mountains.
Not breathable
Slippery on smooth rocks

Nevados Men’s Boomerang Climbing Boots
These climbing boots are 100% leather that’s soft and pliable. This makes them perfect for climbing trees.

The upper shoes of the Nevados climbing boots are made of nylon, so they’re breathable and flexible. They’re also slip-resistant because of their carbon rubber cup sole.

This brand combines both functionality and affordable price. The only problem with these boots is that they’re too big for normal sizes. If your feet are small or moderate, then you better order ½ a size below yours.
Affordable price
Anti-shock because of their EVA-filled midsole
Sizes run large
Weak sole for rough terrains
Wesco Highliner Climbing Boots
This is another high-quality leather boots. These boots are the best for climbing trees because of their steel shank and their high sides.

The steel shank protects the legs from any injury that may happen during climbing. They also make the boots strong and sturdy. The stitches make these boots durable.

Since they’re made of full-leather, they’re sweat-resistant, which makes them odor-free.

These boots are probably the most comfortable boots you can find. They feature inserts that are Ortholite Drilex. These types of inserts are as comfortable as foam, so your feet will be flexible to move freely and firmly.
Steel shank provides extra protection
On the expensive end
Salewa Men’s Mountain Trainer Hiking Boot
These boots are made of leather and fabric, so they don’t cause blisters or burns. They’re used for rock climbing and for climbing trees.

The Salewa boots are adjustable. These boots feature a multi-fit footbed that’ll fit any size perfectly. They also have a 3F lacing system that’ll support your grip, so balance is assured along with safety.

They’re comfortable thanks to their unique dual-density midsole and lightweight.
Adjustable size
Not waterproof

Super Logger Soft Toe Boots for Men
These tree climbing boots are made for durability. They’re made of high-quality, full-grain leather with a synthetic sole. So, they’re guaranteed to stay strong for a long time. It doesn’t matter where you wear them, they can endure tough hiking and tree climbing.

Super Logger boots are safe. Their slip-resistant sole ensures your good grip even on difficult surfaces. They’re also oil-resistant. That makes them even firmer for tree climbing.

These boots are comfortable thanks to the cushioned insoles that’ll keep your feet at ease. You can wear them for long hours and you won’t suffer from any blisters.
Full-grain leather for durability and strength
Slip-resistant, oil-resistant soles for a safe grip
Cushioned insoles for comfort
Affordable price
Not waterproof
Heals made only for dirt, not for concrete

Georgia Boot Men’s Loggers Work Boot
These boots are unique for having a logo attached to the tongue. They look cooler and more professional than other brands.

They’re leather-made, which makes them comfortable and durable. Because they’re equipped with rubber soles and outsoles, they’re flexible and easy on the feet. You’ll notice once you wear them that they’re comfortable even before you break them in.

The Georgia boots come in two different colors. You can choose brown or tumbled chocolate. They’re also waterproof. That makes them the perfect boots for hard work, comfort, and protection.
Made of comfortable leather
Rubber soles and outsoles for a tighter grip
Logo patched for elegance
Lace-up closure for water resistance

Not the most comfortable to wear for long periods of time
Climbing Boots Buyer’s Guide
In this section, we’ve included a few elements to look out for when buying tree climbing boots.

We have to admit that no boot will combine all features at once. It’s a wise idea to consider the features that are most important to you and choose accordingly.
Water Resistance
You may be forced to walk on water streams. You may be halfway through climbing a tree when it suddenly starts raining.

To avoid having wet feet, or slippery accidents, you need to look for waterproof boots. The gore-tex lining is usually added to the soles. This material is designed to repel water without interfering with the breathability of the boots.

You can think of it as a raincoat. It protects you from the rain while giving room for your body to breathe.
Since a trip to the wilderness is always long, your feet will be in your boots all day. You won’t be satisfied with your adventure if your feet are bruised.

You’ll walk a lot, climb a lot, and cross a lot of rough terrains. So you have to think about comfort. Looking for cushioned boots is your best bet. These cushions act like pillows under your feet.

You must also be aware that climbing down trees is more difficult. It puts a lot of pressure on your feet. If the climbing boot doesn’t have EVA midsole, it won’t be comfortable.
Grip and Balance
Even walking in loose boots will make you slip and fall. Not a good scene, but it happens. Climbing trees requires boots that’ll stick to your feet.

To ensure your balance, the sole and outsole of your boots must be high tech. You’ll be climbing branches that are thin. Your feet will be moving in all directions. So they have to be firm and balanced.

Boots with thick rubber soles offer a firmer grip. Rubber is flexible and can increase traction. So, always keep in mind that boots with rubber soles are always more balanced.
Just like any other physical activity, climbing trees will make you sweat. There’s nothing more annoying than sweaty feet.

It’s wise to invest in boots that are breathable. They should have a mesh lining and vent holes. Mesh lining is a type of fabric that has micro-pores.

These pores are so small, so they’re still waterproof, they’re waterproof. However, these pores also allow sweat to get out.
The Final Verdict
The best boots for climbing trees can be a lifesaver. Not only do they add to your experience, but they also keep you comfortable and safe.

All you have to do is pick the right product. We believe the number one winner in this list is the Salomon X Ultra GORE-TEX Men’s Wide Hiking Boots. These boots are sturdy, durable, and versatile. They’re also very comfortable.

If you’re on a tight budget, the Nevados Men’s Boomerang Climbing Boots are an excellent alternative.