Family & Elderly-Friendly

An ideal place for families with younger children

We can safely say that we know what children and parents need when visiting the Amazon.  Our children, Geo, Kinan and Kena, were born and raised in the rainforest for the first years of their lives. At that time there was very little to offer for families with young children.  The result is our intimate knowledge of traveling with kids in the Amazon, and thus the company was born.

Our Guest House is an ideal place for families with younger children and our room accommodations can be a thrill for slightly older children and teenagers. We stock all necessary equipment for children, from tree climbing saddles to slaklines and plenty of open places.

Do look at Our Journeys for ideas, and we can use the Amazon Jungle Immersion as a base to build on and create a trip that meets your needs. We also have experience with multi-generation families who have enjoyed the adaptability of our journeys.