12 Eucalyptus Tree Facts

If you’re looking to enhance your knowledge of Eucalyptus trees, then you’re definitely in the right place. The Eucalyptus is one of the most well known types of tree, however many people don’t actually know a great deal about them. So hopefully, you’ll learn something in this list of facts about the Eucalyptus tree.

Eucalyptus Tree Facts

  1. There are many different species of Eucalyptus tree, with recent estimates of there being more than 700 known species of Eucalyptus.
  2. The majority of these different species of Eucalyptus are actually found in Australia.
  3. They dominate the Australian landscape, so much so that 75% of all Australian forests are Eucalypt forests!
  4. Because of the frequent forest fires in Australia, many of them have grown resilient to flames!
  5. In the past, the Eucalyptus actually held the record for the tallest tree – there was a Eucalyptus that was supposedly over 430 feet tall!
  6. The majority of Eucalyptus species are actually what we call ‘evergreen’, which means that it’s leaves stay green throughout the year.
  7. The average age of a Eucalyptus will vary depending on it’s species, however many of them can live more than 250 years.
  8. The Eucalyptus is the most planted species of tree around the entire world.
  9. Although they originated in Australia, you can find them in the tropics now, in many South American countries.
  10. The Eucalyptus tree was first imported to another country back in 1770 by an English botanist named Sir Joseph Banks.
  11. The Eucalyptus tree can grow extremely fast, in some cases more than 2 meters per years!
  12. Eucalyptus trees are often referred to as a “gum tree”, which is because of the fruit that they bear, which we call a “gum nut”!

Questions about Eucalyptus Trees

Are Eucalyptus leaves poisonous?

A common question that people have about the Eucalyptus tree is whether it’s leaves are poisonous, to both humans and animals. The correct answer is that yes, Eucalyptus leaves can be poisonous for humans and can make you very ill! And they can be even more poisonous to your pets, so please make sure they don’t eat any eucalyptus leaves!

Why do koalas eat eucalyptus leaves, then?

If other animals are poisoned by the Eucalyptus, then how can koalas munch away at them all day without any issues? Well, over time Koala’s stomachs have actually adapted themselves to be able to cope with eating Eucalyptus leaves. The koala has a small pouch called a caecum, which allows them to eat Eucalyptus leaves without getting poisoned.

Are Eucalytpus trees evergreen?

Whilst not all Eucalyptus trees are evergreen, the vast majority of them are. However, there are some tropical species of Eucalyptus that will lose their leaves when the season is over.

What is the Eucalyptus oil used for?

You’re probably already aware that the Eucalyptus is used to make many different things. The main thing that we use Eucalyptus leaves for is it’s oil. This is often used as a disinfectant and an antiseptic due to it’s cleaning properties. It’s also used for it’s antioxidant properties, and it can help with both dental care and the common cold too.

What else do we used Eucalyptus trees for?

As well as using the leaves of the Eucalyptus tree to make oil, we also use the Eucalyptus for many other things too. For example, the wood of the Eucalyptus tree can be used to make many things, like bowls and even tables. The indigenous people of Australia have long used this wood for many different things that they need to make – it’s even strong enough to be used as an outdoor structure.


Hopefully this has given you a little more information about the Eucalyptus tree. It is one of the most well known trees in the world, and it has many different uses, as well as being beautiful to look at!

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