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Rainforest Adventures

amazon nature discovery 

Amazon Nature Discovery

Venture into the jungle’s life – with a bird’s eye view of the rainforest in your 3-Day Amazon Nature Discovery! Our Amazon Nature Discovery will bring you to discover the highland’s ecosystem. It is thought to contain half of the world’s species in its canopy alone, and has the highest level of biodiversity in the...
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amazon jungle immersion 

Amazon Jungle Immersion

Prepare to be amazed with your 4-Day Amazon Jungle Immersion and make memories to last a lifetime. Perfect for those wanting to immerse deep with nature in the rain forest and explore the joy of simple ways in our Amazon Jungle Immersion. The Amazon jungle is home to as many as 80,000 plant species from which...
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amazon culinary journey 

Amazon Culinary Journey

Embrace the experience of connecting food with a more physically active trip in our 5-Day Amazon Culinary Journey. This experience include learning about fresh, local, organic, and seasonal dishes prepared by local amazonian inhabitants. In our Amazon Culinary Journey, you will harvest fresh vegetables and fruits and with the help from some of the local...
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amazon survival experience 

Amazon Survival Experience

This 6-Day Amazon Survival Experience trip takes you to the remote, pristine jungle of northern Amazon. On our Amazon Survival Experience, with a team of experts–from naturalists to regional specialists, you will learn just how comfortable you can make yourself in the jungle with almost nothing to help you survive. One of the many things...
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amazon tree top camping 

Amazon Tree Top Camping Add-On

Towering above the forest floor in our tropical rain forest, you will partake in an awe-inspiring, rare event few get to experience in their lifetime of tree top camping. The Tree Top Camping is available from our 3-Day Amazon Nature Discovery with additional cost of the related journey and room style. This experience includes an overnight...
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amazon birdwatching 

Amazon Birdwatching Add-On

A privately guided Amazon Birdwatching journey, in-depth adventure to experience one of the world’s most beautiful birds up close, the Cock-of-the-Rock! Includes the spectacular Judeia cave; a unique natural display in the immense Amazon jungle. A beautiful orange crest adorns the head of the Cock-of-the-Rock (Rupicola rupicola) and brilliant orange feathers cover its back and wings.

River Expeditions

river boat tree climbing voyage 

River Boat Tree Climbing Voyage

Our goal in our River Boat Tree Climbing Voyage is to place nature lovers, photographers and experienced climbers in an enriching climb situation where the ‘classroom’ is the location. The challenges of our 9-Day River Boat Tree Climbing Voyage include knowing the right skill to be in tropical conditions offering the best experience and achieving...
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amazon voluntourism journey 

Amazon Voluntourism Journey

Have the truly unique and otherworldly experience in our Amazon Voluntourism Journey of living on the Anavilhanas National Park in the Rio Negro, helping efforts to improve quality of life for residents of nearby Amazon communities. Volunteering in Novo Airão, besides being culturally stimulating, also provides an excellent opportunity to practice speaking Portuguese in real-life...
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