Altberg vs Haix vs Lowa

If you’re looking to buy a pair of climbing boots, then you’ve likely come across these three brands. And if you’ve been into tree climbing or you’ve been an arborist for a while, then you’ll have definitely heard of them, if not used them yourself.

Different people will have different opinions about which are the best tree climbing boots. They’re not only used for climbing trees though – they can be used by anyone who’s expecting to be walking in harsher conditions, and needs something reliable. But out of these three brands, what are the key differences? And which ones should you opt for? Well, here are some of the similarities and distinctions between these brands.

Altberg vs Haix vs Lowa


Of all these brands, Lowa are undoubtedly my favorite of the bunch. They make some of the most reliable footwear around, and they’re sure to last you for a long time no matter what their purpose is.

They’re generally very good at being an all-weather boots. This means more than just that they can withstand torrential rain and poor conditions. But when it does brighten up again, they aren’t overly heavy and aren’t going to weigh you down too much. Though they are heavier than Altbergs, for a pair of storm-enduring boots, they’re still pretty light.

Anyone who’s owned or owns a pair of Lowa’s can attest to just how good they are – they undoubtedly make some of the best boots out there in my opinion. If you want a set of boots to use for the next ten years, then you’ll definitely want to consider Lowa.

Best Lowa Boots – If you’re looking to buy a pair of Lowa Boots, then I’d advise that you opt for the Renegade GTX's. They’re some of the most comfortable and durable boots about.


Whilst Lowa is my favorite brand of boots, I’m also a big fan of Haix too. They make a good range of boots, perfect for policing and tactical use too.

What’s good about Haix? Well, you’re guaranteed to get a decent quality pair of boots. They have a pretty decent range to choose from, including the black Eagle range, which is extremely popular.

These boots do tend to fit a little small, so make sure that you order up half a size. You can also insole these boots, so if you’re a half size, then that’s not going to be a problem either.

Best Haix Boots – If you’re looking for a pair of Haix Boots, then I can definitely recommend the Haix Airpower XR1. They are comfortable and durable.


Another very well known brand that most people are already aware of is Altberg. They make some good boots for hiking, motorcycles, policing and much more. They’re well known in the UK as a popular brand of military boots. They have a pretty good variety for you to choose from, too. These boots are made in England, and have been for the past 30 years.

One of the main benefits of opting for a pair of Altberg boots is that you’re going to be able to replace the sole very easily, if you need to at all. The intention is for the boot itself to last you a decade or more, whilst only needing to resole the interior in the meantime.

Altbergs are generally a little on the small side, so bear this in mind if you’re going to buy a pair. Many Altbergs will also have different width fittings as well, so they’re perfect if you have wide feet. Overall, Altberg are another great brand of boot that can be used for tree climbing, amongst other things.


In conclusion, you’d be absolutely fine opting for any of these brands, as they’re some of the most reliable and trusted within the industry. Every person is going to have their preference out of the options available, and for me, I’d always look to a pair of Lowa boots are my first pick. They durable, comfortable and they’re going to last you a long time.

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