A Bit of Our History

About Tropical Tree Climbing


To provide visitors with a truly exciting, safe and low-impact adventure travel experience, customized to suit each individual’s needs and desires.


To connect, protect, and explore the Amazon rainforest, bringing awareness on a deeper level with our mother earth.


To inspire visitors experiencing the Amazon rainforest in the most authentic way possible, teaching about a different way of seeing the world.

A bit of our History

In 1980, the Italian-French photographer Leonide Principe, arrived in Brazil for the first time.  His first contact with the Amazon rainforest was in 1989 as a captain on a very pleasant cruising sailboat, navigating from Fortaleza, Brazil to Cayenne in French Guiana. He continued his ocean voyage to the islands of the Caribbean with nostalgic memories of the river and a promise to return. Four months later, on a flight from Barbados to Manaus, he was glued to the window of the airplane on his way to an appointment at the INPA – Amazon Regional National Research Institute and set up the parameters for what was to sprout roots and anchor him to the region.  He began with the first photo-journalistic report on the pink dolphin. From 1990, he started Amazon Stock Photography, an agency created exclusively for his work.

He has traveled around the Amazon for his photographic projects. Most of these, besides appearing in numerous international press publications, have also been presented in books such as Amazon Emotions (1996), Green Little Warrior (2002), O Vale Amazônico no Futuro do Mundo (2002), Amazon Colors and Feelings (2002), Amazônia: o Mundo das Águas (2004).
Leonide Principe had his first rock climbing lesson in 1997 with a major in the Brazilian Army, whom tried to adapt techniques used in climbing mountain to reach the treetops. These classes helped to conduct a scientific expedition called “Plantas Aéreas da Amazônia – Amazon’s Air Plants”, a project which its goal was to photograph epiphytes (orchids, bromeliads, etc.) and that was supported and sponsored by the Department of Culture of the Amazon State. Since that time, he became interested in doing something with the gained knowledge from the tree climbing and photography. In 1998 he started a new project along with his wife Vanessa and children.

In 2001 they bought and moved to 270 hectares of virgin forest in the northern Amazon – Presidente Figueiredo, and started giving life to the Tropical Tree Climbing company. Later, in 2006, in cooperation with Tim Kovar (master instructor of Tree Climber’s International) they brought this prestigious certification organization to offer courses in Brazil along with the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), supporting the Amazon Jaguar Conservation Project.

Their place in the jungle was built on a dream. When they first arrived at the site – and before starting anything – they were immediately captivated by the incredible views, intimacy with nature, and the unspoiled and raw beauty of what their senses were experiencing.
“It became a way of life that connected us to incredible experiences and defined our philosophy. We had always been part of a travelling culture, and most of those adventures to exotic destinations, especially in the Amazon region, where defined by the people who welcomed us with a smile and a commitment to service. By simple but comfortable surroundings, farm to table cuisine and an incredible attention to detail. We decided to become one of those experiences“.

Since then, the photographer and his family host adventurers from all around the world.  They come to experience and capture images from the treetops, as well as to get to know the biodiversity that is in it: birds, orchids, insects, etc.  Leo continues to work in expanding the Amazon Stock Photography.

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