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Tropical Tree Climbing is a family-run company, providing enthusiastic nature lovers with an exciting, safe, and environmentally sustainable travel experience off the beaten path in the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest since 2016. Recognized as one of 7 offbeat adventures from around the world in National Geographic Travel, it’s a world away from the elegance of a typical luxury lodge; instead, it offers an insight into the world of a family for whom nature conservation is a way of life. Come and enjoy our hospitality, with its delicious foods, its tranquillity – and the great outdoor adventure that beckons from beyond. Our greatest desire is to share our love of the wild world and its creatures with you!

Family Amazon Adventure

You asked, we listened…and we’ve created an special promotion for children.
For journeys booked on low season (January to May + October to December, 2018),
we’re offering for 02 children under 11 years old accompanying one or two adults,
they stay for free at the Tropical Tree Climbing jungle lodge!

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Who We Are

At Tropical Tree Climbing we aspire to use ecotourism to improve livelihoods and reinforce the conservation ethics of traditional cultures that protect and preserve wild areas and animals. Our philosophy guides our work, and we strive to minimize our footprint to do no harm. We believe that bringing people to the Amazon Rainforest and protecting the largest apex predator, the elusive jaguar, while teaching them to catalogue the flora and fauna, ensures the preservation of an entire ecosystem.

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Conservation in Action

From March 2018, we are bringing guests to a specific location of the Amazon Forest, to teach them the flora and fauna to help catalog for creating a future nature reserve. We are committed to supporting research and furthering the understanding of the Amazon and strive to connect our guests with the important scientific work being done. That’s why we created the Jaguar Vision, a collection of citizen science projects that allow the public to participate in the research being done around our jungle lodge.

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