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dangers of the amazon rainforest
2 Dec

Dangers of the Amazon Rainforest, do they really exist?

What Are the Dangers of the Amazon Rainforest? Let us now imagine that, in and irresistible impulse of adventure, we jump with parachutes and gently land on top of a great tree, just like in the movies. Then we climb down the vines to reach the floor. The temperature has changed and our skin gets sticky with the increased humidity of the air. Leaves of all shapes and sizes compete for sunlight, yet they block it out leaving us in a special kind of shade in which the sounds of the forest stimulate our ears and arise our curiosity.

Visitors should know about the primary dangers of the Amazon Rainforest prior to travel in order to plan for a safer trip. After a brief walk, we notice that our route will never be flat or straight. The terrain goes up and down. We encounter obstacles which  continually force us to deviate from the original route. Had our journey not been an imaginary one, we would have needed to be in good physical shape, have endurance and be ready to make quick decisions with an unshakeable dearness of mind.

All of this would not have been enough. Those were not born in the forest, and who have not lived there need to recognize that, in order to survive in this environment, it is necessary to have the knowledge and experience acquired from the natives and that even so it is prudent to accept the service of a reliable guide. Many native people have gone for a short walk and gotten lost in the forest. Other courageous people, who had everything they need to make their way back, have underestimated the forest’s natural traps.

From our 3-Day Amazon Nature Discovery stay at Tropical Tree Climbing gives guests an opportunity to visit a virgin rain forest by foot from the guest house. Our naturalist guides Raimundo and Chico are some of the best in the region, providing you with a half-day guided tour, on which we will take you deep into nature, past feeding marks, footprints and resting places to capture the perfect picture.

Jungle safety tips and packing list for your Amazon adventure

1. Update your vaccines before you travel

The wet climate of the Brazilian Amazon exposes travelers to diseases caused by insects as well as the increased possibility of contaminated water and food. Before your trip, speak with a healthcare professional about recommended vaccines. During your trip, carry a copy of your immunization record with you. You may need to present the record to immigration officials when you re-enter your home country.

2. Stay close to your guide and the group

On any excursion into the jungle at Tropical Tree Climbing, you never want be separated from your guide or the group.

3. Do not approach or touch the wildlife

Though you are guaranteed to be fascinated by the wildlife of the Amazon, you should not touch any jungle flora or fauna unless your guide explicitly says it is okay. The jungle is a delicate ecosystem and touching the wildlife could endanger it.

4. Swim in designated areas only

While you may have nostalgic childhood memories of swinging from a tree branch to splash into a river or a lake, this is not something you want to do in the Brazilian Amazon. The rivers and lakes of the jungle are filled with very unique creatures, some of which can be dangerous to swim with. However, there are some designated swimming areas where travelers can go for a dip with friendly Amazon favorites, such as the playful pink river dolphin.

Essential Amazon Packing List for a Jungle Exploration

  • Water-resistant day pack, or a reusable waterproof bag to keep your belongings dry;
  • Toilet paper;
  • Insect repellent;
  • Raincoat;
  • Proper clothing, i.e., socks, long pants, t-shirt. Breathable cotton is best;
  • Comfortable closed shoes, preferably tennis shoes or hiking boots;
  • Camera, extra memory sticks/film, camera accessories;
  • Binoculars;
  • Sunscreen;
  • Sunhat or cap.