Enjoy the Amazon
Slow Down
Connect yourself
To the Joy of Nature
Inspire your Wild Side
Explore like a local
Enjoy New Experiences
Be in Contact
With Nature

Recognized as one of the 7 Offbeat Adventures Around the World by National Geographic Travel

At Tropical Tree Climbing we invite you to enjoy the most authentic and fulfilling one-of-a-kind wilderness experience, surrounded by breathtaking views and memorable encounters with wildlife, all minimalist in style, providing a rare opportunity to spend a few days in the absolute peace of a remote forested area, and rich in the natural beauty of the Brazilian Amazon. We are a family-owned property and in-bound tour operator business, managed by a handpicked team. Inspired by the magic of Amazon lifestyle, our dare-dreaming founders, professional nature photographer Leonide Principe and his wife Vanessa Marino, have brought a new concept of tourism to northern Amazon, blending science with tourism to create unique visitor experiences, promoting a more complete understanding of these and other unique aspects of the region. You will find yourself at the crossroads of exploration, science, and adventure.