Authentic Nature and Wilderness Experiences in the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest
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Gaze out over the forest canopies
Discover an unforgettable experience
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Carlos Saldanha successfully Climbs a Tree
Brazilian director of animated films: Rio and Ice Age
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Catch views from the tree tops
Encounter stunning flora and fauna
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Wake up in the tree tops
With a bird's eye view of the Amazon jungle!
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Come experiece Tree Time
Be part of the local ecology
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Inspire your wild side in Amazon
Let us inspire your travel
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Recapture your adventurous spirit
Leave your comfort zone
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Live a transformative experience
In contact with nature

Prepare To Be Amazed With This Experience

Wake up in the tree tops - with a bird's eye view of the Amazon jungle!
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Most Popular Packages

Full Day Tree Climbing

Join us on this full day excursion to climb an Angelim Tree. Your adventure here will bring you into close contact with this amazing experience...
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From R$ 240,00 per person.

Survival Experience

2 Days
This tour is a hybrid of a vacation and jungle survival learning experience. You will be immersed into the jungle lifestyle almost immediately...
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From R$ 1.090,00 per person.

Nature Discovery

3 days
Exploring the Amazon Rainforest and getting even closer by learning about traditional life, spotting wildlife by foot with your local naturalist,...
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From R$ 1.430,00 per person.

Jungle Immersion

4 days
Wake up in the tree tops – with a bird’s eye view of the Amazon jungle! Spend four days and three nights deep in the jungle, hiking,...
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From R$ 1.610,00 per person.

River Boat Tree Climbing Voyage

5 days
Our tree climbing adventure is truly top experience! Led by experienced guides, include basic instruction for beginners, as well designed for...
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Amazon Photo Safari Guided Walking

6 Days
This Amazon Photo Safari Guided Walking takes place in the Presidente Figueiredo at the breathtaking Amazon Camp Lodge. You will spen...
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